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Musical Castle is an early childhood education provider that offers premium preschool programs. We have been in business since 1999 and have prepared dozens of children for successful entry in to kindergarten and elementary school.

We partner with your families in raising well-rounded, intelligent, active and healthy children by discovering their talents and guiding them through the learning process while they are having fun and developing life-long skills.


Performing Arts and Music - This program is offered three times a week with 60-minute sessions. Children listen to a variety of music genres to develop an understanding of the essence of music. They also sing, dance and learn poems. They show off their skills during four performances at the Autumn Ball, Winter Festival, Mother's Day Celebration and Graduation Party.

Russian - This program is offered five times a week with 60-minute group sessions and 20-minute individual sessions. Group and individual reading, writing, and speaking are taught at the level of Russian preschools. A formal Russian teacher and student materials are used for all instructions.

Health and Nutrition - We believe that health and exercise are as important as the educational programs. We reinforce this concept by serving three hot meals a day prepared in our kitchen from scratch. We serve hot and nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon snacks. Kids exercise on our playground as well as at the nearby park.

Kindergarten Preparation - Children learn the most in the first five years of their lives but it is between the ages of three and five that they acquire the skills necessary for school. As children grow their attention span, and memory and language skills develop, they also become increasingly more sophisticated and acquire social qualities they'll need for preschool. Our programs focus on developing all academic abilities required for kindergarten - Social Skills, Reasoning and Concept development, Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies.

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Hours: Monday through Friday 8AM to 6PM
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